Aladdin symbols.

Aladdin product packaging uses icons to identify key product features.

Our sustainability guarantee mark

BPA free

Leakproof bottle

Dishwasher safe

Leak-Lock Lid

Two way lid

Carbonated friendly


Handwash only

Flip lid

Fits under most espresso machines

Double wall

Microwave safe

Food safe

For ages 3+

Stainless steel, no-rust steel

Twin Cup lid

Tracker dial

Vacuum insulated

Easy to fill spout

Hot 4h & cold 7h

Hot and cold 9h

Keeps hot 9h

Keeps cold 9h

Iced 18h cold

Car, bike cup holders and laptop bags friendly

*Thermal performance

Thermal performance lab-test procedure is done by measuring the time that takes for the content’s temperature change from 95°C to 60°C for hot and from 4°C to 10°C for cold, while the outside temperature is held at 23°C. Thermal performance might be different depending on product usage circumstances.