About us.

Innovating since 1908, we at Aladdin are passionate about truly sustainable water bottles and travel mugs that boost your lifestyle.

Good for you, good for the planet.

Hey, we are Aladdin.

Urban lifestyle can be challenging, you may compromise where you don’t want to. Like flavourless coffee served in a disposable paper cup. Or having to buy single-use bottled water to keep hydrated.

Since 1908, Aladdin is an award winning brand for our leading design and continuous innovation to meet your passion for quality, sustainability and good. Products that are good for you and good for the planet. Alongside our Aladdin Citizens (you), we at Aladdin, aspire to an urban on-the-go world of zero compromises.

We are a Brand of PMI Worldwide. We are driven by values of sustainability, innovation, community, teamwork and respect. These core values permeate everything we do – from how we design our products to our commitment to you and the broader communities we serve. Our extensive market insights, best-in-class technological expertise, and true leading social responsibility code of conduct, enable us to develop innovative products that connect you to life in the city.

Every Aladdin product comes with our Aladdin Sustain Promise. This means that your product is guaranteed to come with the latest innovation, quality and social responsibility. We ensure our products always live up to our promises of performance. This includes honest, real, and accurate claims of hot & cold thermals, leak resistance, washability, and durability.

We believe in exceeding expectations with every detail, including sustainable packaging, durable finishes, elevated graphics and spares for most common parts. Timeless style makes our water bottles and travel mugs essential everyday-and-everywhere accessories - for coffee, for water, for the office, for the gym, for in your bag.

Good for you, good for the planet.

Thanks for being part of our Sustain revolution.

Your Aladdin Team